Article posted on March 14, 2018

Ohio Beekeepers Seek a Floor Vote of HB 392

We need your help for HB 392, which will grant apiary owners immunity from certain torts related to stinging incidents.

Since last June the Ohio State Beekeepers Association has been working with Rep. Dick Stein to introduce House Bill 392, the Apiary Owners Immunity Bill.  HB 392 secured co-sponsors Rep. Becker, Rep. Hambley, Rep. Henne, Rep. Hill, Rep. Kick, Rep. Koehler, Rep. Retherford, Rep. Riedel, Rep. Roegner, Rep. Thompson, Rep. West, and received testimony in the Economic, Development, Commerce, and Labor Committee.

The bill successfully moved out of committee and is waiting with other bills for a floor vote in the House. We need your help. Please use the link below to send a message to the Ohio House Speaker, Majority Whip, and Majority Leader encouraging them to schedule a floor vote of HB 392, a bill to protect all Ohio beekeepers from nuisance lawsuits for stinging incidents.

Send your email using this tool, here…