Dec. 10 Kim & Jim Webinar at the Beltsville Honey Bee Research Lab

Don’t miss Kim & Jim’s webinar Monday, December 10 at 12 p.m. EST! Come and meet and listen to the scientists and experts at the Beltsville Bee Lab, including Dr. Jay Evans, Dr. Judy Chen, Dr. Steven Cook, Dr. Miguel Corona and Mr. Samuel Abban (Bee Diagnostic Service) and find out what’s happening at the […]

Help the Bee Lab Go Viral on Thursday! (Nov. 15, 2018)

Help us green-light this collaboration by making your gift today. This project will connect the Bee Lab’s research and the Bee Squad’s Bee Network apiaries–hosted at museums, businesses, and in backyards–with virologists at the University of MN.

True Source Honey Approves Products to Use Made With True Source Honey™ Logo

Products from Honey Stinger, Unilever and Droga Chocolate are the first to earn the Made With True Source Honey™ certification September 2018 – Several major brands are taking a stance against honey fraud and adulteration by sourcing 100 percent of the honey used in their products from True Source Honey® certified suppliers. Honey Stinger, Droga […]

SEPT 8, 2018: Open Hive Demonstration

GCBA Vice President Allyson May will be conducting an open hive demonstration at the GCBA hive. GCBA members are invited to come and see how the hive has done this year and to ask questions.

GCBA Awards Youth Research Grant

Congratulations to Leo Schirokauer, GCBA’s first Youth Research Grant recipient, for being awarded 1st Place in the 2018 Bayer Bee Care Young Beekeeper Award.