Newsletter due dates

Editorial deadline for the GCBA Newsletter is the third Wednesday of each month. We welcome your bee and member related tidbits, stories, ideas, photos, and news. Please email them to Allyson.


  • February 2017
    President’s Message… February classes… Ohio Ag. Dept. update on winter attention for bees…
  • January 2017
    President’s Message… January meeting: wax rendering and honey competition…


  • December 2016
    President’s Message… Scholarship forms due Jan. 7, 2017… Annual Holiday Potluck December 14…
  • November 2016
    President’s Message… GCBA 2017 Officer nominations… The Paul & Dan Show (Nov. 9) on Queen Rearing and Mead Making… 2017 Education Scholarship app…
  • October 2016
    President’s Message – accepting board nominations in November… bylaws… upcoming… educational scholarship…
  • September 2016
    President’s Message and Educational Scholarship Application…
  • August 2016
    Presidents Message, County Fair, Regular Meeting August 10, How Queens Repress Worker’s Fertility……
  • July 2016
    Join us July 23 for the annual picnic! President’s message, fair premium book…
  • February 2016
    President’s Message: Ideas for February, Congrats to Scholarship Winners, 2016 Beekeeping Class in February, Varroa/Absconding
  • January 2016
    President’s Message, 2016 Beekeeping Class in February, March Tri-County Workshop


  • December 2015
    President’s Message, Upcoming Events, Scientists Link Honeybees’ Changing Roles Throughout Their Lives to Brain Chemistry
  • October 2015
    President’s Message, Upcoming Events, Honey Extraction Oct. 17 at Fairgrounds, Oct. 31 OSBA Conference Details, Church Hive Raffle, Officer Nominations, Treasurer’s Report
  • September 2015
    President’s Message, Upcoming Events, ‘Royal Jelly Isn’t What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee,’ Treasurer’s Report
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