Swarm Removal

The Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association (GCBA) is pleased to offer experienced apiarist to assist in the preservation and relocation of honeybees.

Please contact one of our beekeepers to help in the removal of a swarm or to relocate an established bee hive:

Dave Benedict, 216-407-3106
Dennis Eck, 440-309-3241, denscritters@yahoo.com
Tony Indovina, 216-701-0880
Greg Roth, 440-686-0549
Eric Manthey, 216-313-0550
Allyson May, 440-590-1845, acesaviators@gmail.com
Rick Moranz, 216-832-5635, rmoranz@gmail.com (walls/buildings)
Larry Theurer, 216-741-3798
Rick Ward, 440-915-8285
Michael Yuhas, 440-382-1276