Swarm Removal

Members of GCBA may be available to assist home and business owners in the preservation and relocation of honeybees.

Contact a beekeeper from our “Bee Removal Contact List” below to remove honey bees from your property safely and ethically. This list is provided as a courtesy.

Bee removal is NOT a service provided by the Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association and GCBA assumes no responsibility or liability for any action, damages or distress. Bee removal service is provided by the individual beekeepers themselves who may volunteer or may charge a fee for their services.

​The following information will assist a beekeeper to understand your unique situation and whether or not they can assist you.

  • What does the cluster of bees look like?
  • Can you comfortably/safely take a picture to text or email?
  • How long have the bees been clustered in this location?
  • How high are the bees off the ground? Two feet? Five feet? Twenty feet?
  • What size is the swarm? Softball? Basketball?

Bee Removal Contact List

Dave Benedict, 216-407-3106
Annette Birt Clark, 216-316-0382, atghoneystuff@gmail.com
Dennis Eck, 440-309-3241, denscritters@yahoo.com
Tony Indovina, 216-701-0880, indotnbs@yahoo.com
Greg Roth, 440-686-0549
Eric Manthey, 216-313-0550
Allyson May, 440-590-1845, acesaviators@gmail.com
Rick Moranz, 216-832-5635, rmoranz@gmail.com (walls/buildings)
Larry Theurer, 216-741-3798
Rick Ward, 440-915-8285
Michael Yuhas, 440-644-0233, beepatchwrangler@gmail.com