Article posted on November 14, 2018

Help the Bee Lab Go Viral on Thursday! (Nov. 15, 2018)

Give to the Max Day 2018

Bees on combGive to the Max Day is November 15, 2018. Support the Bee Lab!

The U of MN Bee Lab and the Bee Squad have an exciting opportunity that could result in a new understanding of how Varroa mite infestations and different strains of deformed wing virus interact to lead to honey bee colony death.

This project will connect the Bee Lab’s research and the Bee Squad’s Bee Network apiaries–hosted at museums, businesses, and in backyards–with virologists at the University of MN.

Help us green-light this collaboration by making your gift today. Your contribution will allow us to monitor over 100 colonies across the Twin Cities and collect samples every month throughout 2019 for analysis by the virologists.

You can be a part of making this sampling and research happen by making a gift now. And…your gift could help the Bee Lab win additional prizes of up to $10,000 to support the bees.

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