Article posted on January 7, 2019

May 8, 2019 GCBA Meeting: Oxalic Acid in Glycerin to Control Varroa Mites

May 8, 2019 GCBA Meeting
Rocky River Nature Center
7 p.m.

Oxalic Acid in Glycerin to Control Varroa Mites
Dr. Richard Cryberg, Organic Chemist, Researcher, Beekeeper

Dr. Richard Cryberg received his BS in Chemistry from Iowa State University and his PhD in Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University. He had a long career in research and development with Diamond Shamrock Crop. and successor companies.

Dr. Cryberg was a beekeeper for a decade in the 1970’s and returned to beekeeping in 2005. He comments, “The difference between my first experience and today is striking due to the massive impact varroa mites have on what is required to keep a hive alive today.”

Dr. Cryberg will talk about the data Randy Oliver has generated and disclosed, to date, on efficacy of oxalic acid/glycerin mixes and guesses as to when it will be registered. He will explain the FDA registration process and the unprecedented consideration for beekeepers to expedite the registration of Oxalic Acid formulations.