Article posted on June 24, 2019

Congratulations Leo!

Leo Schirokauer of Shaker Heights, a young member of our club, is being recognized by Bayer for its “Blue Ribbon Beekeepers Pollinator Week.”

The company announced Blue Ribbon Beekeepers to recognize the outstanding achievements of young people who have made a positive impact on their communities through beekeeping or pollinator-related research.

These Blue Ribbon Beekeepers include past winners of the annual Bayer Bee Care Program Young Beekeeper Award, as well as other outstanding up-and-comers in the beekeeping industry. Each member of the 2019 class will receive $1,000 and a plaque commemorating their new status as a Blue Ribbon Beekeeper.

Leo was our 2018 GCBA Youth Research Grant recipient, and is currently conducting research at Case Western to find a cure for American Foulbrood. He will be attending Harvard University this fall.