Article posted on August 5, 2019

Help Research on New Honeybee Parasite

BeeDr. Samuel Ramsey, who spoke at the Tri-County Beekeepers Spring Workshop in 2019, has a GoFundMe campaign to stop the next nightmare pest for western honeybees.

Dr. Ramsey: “Tropilaelaps mites are destroying Apis mellifera colonies in Asia and spreading to other countries. Knowledge is power, so I’m turning to you, to help fund study of this parasite before it arrives in the West.”

The mites were thought to not be able to survive in climates with long, cold winters. Now they’ve adapted to overwinter and it appears they are spreading the same way Varroa did in 1977.

Dr. Ramsey’s agenda is to head to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to learn more about how this parasite functions – and how we can best protect our bees from it. The costs for the study and the trip are estimated at  $25400. We’d like to spread the word about this fundraiser – please help!

Learn more on Dr. Ramsey’s GoFundMe page, here.