Article posted on June 7, 2022

Swarm Month – May

Phil Bartosch, Apiary Inspector

Phil Bartosh on Swarms in May.

Hi everyone.

May has been swarm month, during inspections in May I have have found 30 to 40 swarms cells, found hives that appear to be queen less most likely because the hive swarmed, All the local clubs stress inspections every 7 to 10 days. If you inspect every 21 days a queen can be hatched in 16 days and the hive swarms without you knowing it. Remember in Cuyahoga County we are basically urban beekeepers and swarms are a threat to local beekeeping. We have had two communities pass bee laws allowing beekeeping in the last 2 years. Unwanted swarms in a neighborhood can results in laws that can end beekeeping with a stroke of a pen. Please remember just adding deeps or supers do not stop a hive from swarming, Adding 2 or 3 boxes to a hive to try to prevent swarming also give hive beetles a place to hide. If your testing and treating for mites follow the instructions exactly on the label of your product. The link for Formic Pro is

Phil Bartosh
Cuyahoga Apiary Inspector