Bee Inspection Program

Phil Bartosch, Apiary Inspector

Phil Bartosch, Apiary Inspector

Ohio Revised Code requires for all active bee colonies to be registered. This helps our local bee population and helps prevent issues. The application fee is only $5.

Phil Bartosh
Cuyahoga County Apiary Inspector

Visit Cuyahoga County website’s page on apiary inspection here.

Updates from Phil

August 27, 2020
In the past few months, mite counts on hives have been down compared to previous years. It appears treatment plans for new packages and hive treatments are paying off. Remember, even if you are not finding mites or are getting low mite counts you still need to continue mite treatments. I have talked to a few beekeepers who have asked, “Do I still need to do my treatments because we don’t see mites?” The answer is yes; don’t stop now!