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Other Resources

  • The Kim and Jim Show
    This show has five takeaways each episode to help listeners of all skill levels – from beginners to master beekeepers. Kim Flottum, Editor-in-Chief, Bee Culture Magazine and Dr. James “Jim” Tew, Former Emeritus Professor, Entomology, OSU, host.
  • One Tew Bee
    Updates from Dr. James “Jim” Tew, Former Emeritus Professor of Entomology at OSU.
  • Honey Bee Health Coalition
    The Honey Bee Health Coalition is an industry group formed to improve the health of honey bees in general, and more specifically around production agriculture.  As part of their services they provide a variety of useful resources for beekeepers and growers.
  • Swarms: The Biology and Control of Swarms in Northern States
    This article by Meghan Milbraith of Michigan State is an educational publication that discusses the reasons for swarming – and what you can do to prevent it.
  • The Ecoregional Revegetation Assistant (ERA) Tool
    A user-friendly online tool to identify and generate a spreadsheet of the best native plants for revegetation and pollinator habitats in a project ecoregion.