Almond Orchards and Sustainable Beekeeping

We are told change is a constant. Change, constant change is certainly true in beekeeping and almond orchards. In a review of Miller Honey Farms records from 2003, I see the price for western clover honey was $1.50/lb., and the average almond pollination fee was $45.00. Dramatic changes have occurred to the North Dakota landscape […]

Pollinator-Friendly Plantings Along Roadways and Highways

The Monarch and Pollinator Highway (MPH) Act of 2019 will establish a federal grant program availalbe to state departments of transportation and Native American tribes to carry out pollinator-friendly practices on roadsides and highway rights-of-way.

Action on the Bee Crisis with Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, talks about the extraordinary role that fungi play in the health of people and planet. He shows how terrestrial organisms have evolved to be interconnected with the mycelial web of life, focusing on the current catastrophic decline in the world’s bee population, and introduces a revolutionary product […]

Academic Research: Natural hazard threats to pollinators and pollination

Natural hazards are naturally occurring physical events that can impact human welfare both directly and indirectly, via shocks to ecosystems and the services they provide. Animal‐mediated pollination is critical for sustaining agricultural economies and biodiversity, yet stands to lose both from present exposure to natural hazards, and future climate‐driven shifts in their distribution, frequency, and […]