Action on the Bee Crisis with Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, talks about the extraordinary role that fungi play in the health of people and planet. He shows how terrestrial organisms have evolved to be interconnected with the mycelial web of life, focusing on the current catastrophic decline in the world’s bee population, and introduces a revolutionary product […]

Academic Research: Natural hazard threats to pollinators and pollination

Natural hazards are naturally occurring physical events that can impact human welfare both directly and indirectly, via shocks to ecosystems and the services they provide. Animal‐mediated pollination is critical for sustaining agricultural economies and biodiversity, yet stands to lose both from present exposure to natural hazards, and future climate‐driven shifts in their distribution, frequency, and […]

Windshield Worries

Have you heard of the Windshield Effect? When growing up, family vacations meant washing the windshield at every gas station on our long drive across country. Children today rarely encounter this plethora of splattered bugs. Our insect biodiversity is disappearing, our meadows shrinking, our pollinators falling silent as they wink out of existence. In the […]

We Now Have Something to Look Forward to Using for Pollinator Gut Health

Designed by Paul Stamets and Paul Taylor, The BeeMushroomed™ Feeder (BMF) is a patent-pending prototype designed to deliver immune-supporting extract to the bees. In the Spring of 2020, they will make the feeder available to purchase worldwide. Their initial BeeMushroomed Labyrinthine Feeder will allow anyone to help feed local bees their proprietary polypore mushroom extract. […]

Five Pro Methods to Prevent & Stop Robbing Bees

From Backyard Beekeeping 101 Once, while taking a casual stroll through the apiary, I noticed something odd… It was the middle of the afternoon and it seemed to be business as usual in most of the hives, except one. Around the entrance, there seemed to be some kind of commotion. Unbeknownst to me at the […]

2020 Budding Botanist Grant

KidsGardening and Klorane Botanical Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of the 2020 Budding Botanist grant!