Dues: $20

Membership Form…

Print, fill out, and mail in. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

Membership in Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association means you can learn and enjoy a new hobby, keep current with beekeeping, and meet other beekeeping members who live in the Greater Cleveland area. Beekeeping has changed greatly in the past 20 years, and if beekeepers do not have a resource to rely on they can be left behind on current events, new products, and changes in Apiary Management.

Currently, we have about 100 members, making our group one of the largest beekeeping organizations in the state of Ohio at present.

GCBA has developed a close working relationship with the Cuyahoga County Fair and is involved with many public education programs.

We hold an Annual Conference and Field Day dedicated to teaching and educating beekeepers about the finer points of Apiary Management. In addition, GCBA teaches a course in beekeeping each year in February. The beekeeping classes are held each Wednesday at the Rocky River Nature Center.

Our monthly meetings are geared toward current events and education for all beekeepers. Membership is not required to attend monthly meetings.

Hive Registration & Inspection
Whether this is your first year or 30th as a beekeeper, please register your hives with the State of Ohio. There is a $5 fee for each apiary. This is a critically important part of keeping track of hives and bee health in our county. For more please visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Plant Health Division – Apiary Program’s WEBSITE.

Need Beekeeping Help? Want to Help a New Beekeeper?
If anyone is interested in sharing his/her beekeeping expertise with a new beekeeper, please post a message in the Contact Us page. If anyone is interested in talking to an experienced beekeeper, please post a message in the Contact Us page. Check back for a list of knowledgeable folks willing to help the new person be a better beekeeper.